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"Track 5"
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Track 5 – Mountain Bike

This route starts from the center of the small village of Iano. There you will enter in Via Costia. The first stretch of about 700 meters is of gravel road and inside the woods, then starts a nice descent. Here you will admire the beautiful scenery of the Tuscan hills that opens in front of you (on the left is even possible to see the hill overlooking the village of Volterra) and on the right you will see the "badlands" typical landslides characteristics of clay soils.

Then you will come to a house in "La Costia." Continue on the road leaving the house on the right until you come to a junction where you turn left. At this point, the route alternates short ascents and descents, as you travel along the ridges of the hills, on a clay ground in Winter can be quite difficult because of the mud, while in Summer it is very dusty.

After about 1.5 km you will reach the first junction where you continue straight ahead. The ground of the route passes from clay and gravel always with slight ascents and descents. After about 100 meters there is another first junction where you must continue straight on. The road passes between low vegetation (bushes) for about 100/150 meters, then on the left you can see an abandoned house and go straight on. After about 300 meters there is another junction, and you have to keep to the right.

The path begins to go up slightly and then it is flat. At this point you will notice on the left side some woods and on the right some clay hills with in the background the village of Iano, your starting point. Go up slightly and after 500 meters go along a forest and then leave it on the right, after 300 meters, you will reach a house. Keep to the right leaving the house on the left. Here begins a descent on a clay ground. After 200 meters, keep left as if you wanted to go around the house. Continue your descent into the valley.

After 1 km downhill from the house you will come across another house that you leave on the left. You will then arrive at a junction where you turn right. Go down on a stony ground for about 500 meters until you cross a small bridge over the river Roglio. Then the road starts to go up slightly on a ground like a well-tread soil. After 400 meters continue to go up, on the right there is an abandoned building then after another 400 meters - at the end of a wide curve to the left – you can see on the left a small group of cypresses. Continue to go up and after 600 meters on the right you can see in the distance the village of Castelfalfi.

The road continues to go up, and suddenly, on the right you see a lone cypress. Then turn left and slightly downhill, here the road is slightly downhill as you can see in the distance a farm. After 800 meters, the road begins to go up slightly to the right you can see an abandoned building. After a few hundred meters - near a farm - you turn left, going past a gate you will enter in Via Poggetta. Here the gravel road widens, but has a ground which in Summer can be very dusty. Continue for about 2 km towards Castelfalfi going up until you reach the main road and then turn right. After 3/400 meters you will reach the village of Castelfalfi where it is worth making a short stop to visit the Romanesque church of San Floriano.

Once you have visited the village of Casteflafli the road continues for 4.7 kilometers slightly uphill on the asphalt in the direction of San Vivaldo.

Once in San Vivaldo, you will find the Holy Mount of San Vivaldo, where you can visit the chapels and the monastery.

After visiting the monastery of San Vivaldo, you cross the village of San Vivaldo and continue for 3 km until you reach the village of Iano.

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